Online AGM

The Government has confirmed that Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies such as ours, have until 30 April 2021 to hold their AGM.

Although technically a little late, we are organising an online AGM via Zoom, which will take place on Thursday 6th May at 7.30, subject to confirmation.

You will receive login details and the agenda when they are available.

If you are not familiar with online meeting formats such as Zoom, we will provide details on how to sign up and log in nearer the time.

Please enter this event in your calendar and make every attempt to attend.

New Chair of Alwoodley Allotment Association

At a Committee meeting on Thursday 15th April, Isabelle Arnett was unanimously elected as the new Chair of Alwoodley Allotment Society following the resignation of Ken Mulley-Smith earlier this week.

The Committee would like to thank Ken for all his hard work and dedication over the past 18 difficult months as Chair.

Isabelle previously held the position of Vice-Chair and I’m sure we all wish her well in her new role.

New gate lock

As you may have noticed, the padlock on the gate has broken once again and is to be replaced with a new, more robust, one on Saturday 17th May.

The combination will remain the same for now, but the lock itself is different and you will need to learn how to use it.

Below is a step by step guide .

Step 1 Enter combination

Steps 2 and 3 Pull and release the catch on the base and move to the side

Step 4 Open the lock

To close the lock, snap shut, reposition the base plate and set combination to 0000.

Leeds Allotments Federation had to postpone its Annual General Meeting (originally planned for Tuesday 23rd March 2021) because of Covid restrictions and after considering the alternatives, it has been decided that LAF will hold the AGM via the Zoom application which has been used by many groups during the last year.

In order to give as many members as possible a chance to attend this virtual AGM, the Federation has asked that we send this information on to our plot holders.

The new date for the AGM is Wednesday 14th April 2021 at 7.30pm. 

Just click on the link below and then on Launch Meeting and then wait till Joe lets you in.

Join Zoom Meeting

Thanks and hoping to see you there

Free wildlife gardening workshop

Through Froglife’s ‘Yorkshire T.O.A.D. (Tales of Amphibian Discovery)’ project we are engaging with allotment holders to improve their spaces for wildlife, and particularly amphibians.

The workshop will show people how to improve allotments for wildlife, and specifically toads, through mutually beneficial ways that will improve crop production and pest control. The project is funded by Heritage Lottery.

There is no limit on the people who can join so the more the merrier.

Here are the links to the event.

If possible, it would be great if people could register via Eventbrite here:

Alternatively, if they don’t want to register, they can join us straight on Zoom: 

There is no limit on the people who can join so any more takers will be more than welcome!

Paths/Fences Issues – When Mowing

Whilst I mowed the grass yesterday with Wayne, I came across a few issues. In preparation for the plot inspection at the end of the month, could we remind plot holders:

1) to inset the chicken wire / fencing in the ground as I had to stop so many times to avoid the lawn mower to get stuck

2) to ensure that tools (e.g. takes and wood bâtons to not hang over the paths as I had to duck a few times.

Vice-Chairman of the Alwoodley Allottment Society Ltd

Plot inspections

The NAS gudiance is that plot inspections can commence. We will take into account the fact that plot-holders may be ill, self-isolating or shielding.   

So if you can’t get to the plot in April let Nick our membership secretary know at now.  

Unless you have informed us why you can’t make it to your plot, we expect to see cultivation. 

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Membership update

Membership Update

We have a couple of plots that have been vacated and we will be inviting those on the top of the waiting list to view them in the next week or so.

The current waiting list is large as you can imagine, but we will continue to add people to it as and when they request us to do so.  Although the list remains open, anyone joining it now can expect a lengthy wait of up to five years.

Covid Update

The latest update from the National Allotment Society (NAS) can be found here at facilities. Communal rooms should remain closed.

The guidance is is line with the UK goverment roadmap.

The National Allotment Society is working to support plot-holders and associations so that they can continue to work their plots and manage sites in a safe and secure manner during the pandemic.

We are all living through a crisis, the likes of which the country has not experienced since war time. The community spirit that exists on allotment sites is now vitally important.

Please remember to look out for one another during these very difficult times. This is a constantly changing situation and we will review this page on a regular basis.

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Give your waste a second chance

Introducing ShareWaste

The ShareWaste scheme originated in Australia but has become worldwide and connects people who wish to recycle their kitchen scraps with their neighbours who are already composting, worm-farming or keep chickens.

Now you can divert waste from landfill while getting to know the people around you!

If you feel that this is something you would like to get involved in you can find out more here >>