June’s Musings

A warm welcome to June, summer is really here and there is plenty to keep you occupied, such as weeding and mowing.

But it is a time of year when you can really begin to enjoy your allotment plot, when the hots spells and sunny days outweigh the dull ones.

Our next committee meeting is scheduled for the 7th June and if you have any thoughts or questions you would like them to consider, then email us at thecommittee@alwoodleygrowers.org.uk

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Money saving offers from the NAS

There are a number of money saving offers available to you as a member of The National Allotment Society.

To find out how you could be saving on a whole range of products and service visit the NAS website

Simply scroll down and click on the coupons to reach the websites of the companies with spring/summer offers, taking note of the discount code.

Dog ban at Alwoodley Allotments

Dog Ban Announcement

Following a spate of dog poo incidents across the site, the committee has discussed the problem in detail and have come to the agreement that ‘Dogs will be banned until further notice’. 

The rules are very clear: RULE 6 General Conditions Under which Allotments are to be Cultivated point 9.

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Great tips to help allotment newbies

Jack Wallington – RHS qualified garden designer and allotment newbie

Thanks go to Jack Wallington for allowing us to reproduce his excellent article on allotment gardening for beginners.

‘Taking on an allotment for the first time is exciting and scary. I know because I’ve just done it – I’ve had my first allotment for a year and guess what, it was fine 🙂 Yours will be too.’

‘Follow the link below for some of my tips for allotment newbies to help speed you on your way to fruit and veg success!’

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National Allotments Week Competition

Cash prizes to be won in the National Allotments Week Competition!

The NAS annual campaign week due to take place from 10 to 16 August 2020 has been disrupted by the present Coronavirus Emergency.

It is very possible that even in August we will still be being asked to socially distance to some extent and it would be irresponsible of us at the moment to ask associations to plan Open Days and events that encourage people to congregate.

So we would like to ask plot-holders to enter our NAW Competition to produce videos and storyboards about their allotment story.

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Do you use peat-free compost?

You may have seen compost labelled as peat-free, but if you aren’t aware what peat is, and importantly, where it comes from, you wouldn’t understand why it is so important to choose a peat-free product.

You also probably wouldn’t know that if a compost is not labelled as peat-free, then it likely comprises between 60-90% peat.

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Bumblebees have a way to order some fast food

When bumblebee queens emerge from hibernation, they need to gather pollen and nectar to start their new colonies.

If they wake up too soon, there may not be enough flowers in bloom.

Now, researchers have discovered the bees nibble holes in leaves, spurring plants to blossom weeks ahead of schedule.

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