Alwoodley Allotment Society Committee News

Alwoodley Allotment Society Committee News

August is the month the committee does not meet. Graham our follow the plot editor is also taking the time off. Every month during the lockdown we have met using the Zoom video call technology. With this in mind, I would like to share our recent discussions with you all. As your chair, I can only praise the committee for their endeavours and energy during the lockdown and first six months of this year.

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Ken Mulley-Smith

Chair of Alwoodley Allotment Society Ltd

July’s Musings

Summer tasks! Watering is among the most important of all summer allotment activities and  after watering comes feeding. 

In dry periods, plants soon suffer.  There are some exceptions, so I suggest you read up on your fruit and vegetables. 

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Give no dig a try

Stephanie Hafferty

We have welcomed quite a few new members over the past few months and it is clear that some are feeling quite daunted by the amount of work involved in getting a new plot into shape.

But it doesn’t have to be all backbreaking toil with very little to show for your efforts in the short term.

To those of you finding it all a bit disheartening don’t give up, give ‘no-dig’ a try.

To find out what’s involved you can find expert help and advice from Stephanie Hafferty, an organic no dig kitchen gardener, plant based cook, award winning author, food and gardening writer, small scale homesteader and mum of three.

You can visit her blog here >> or by clicking the link under ‘Blogs we like’ in the right hand column.

Potato blight warning

Potato blight

The recent warm temperatures and high humidity have been ideal for the spread of potato blight, a fungus-like organism that spreads rapidly in the foliage and tubers of  potatoes and tomatoes.

It is quite likely that we may already be seeing outbreaks of the disease on our crops and if identified, action should be taken immediately to prevent the disease reaching the potato tubers.

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