Gate security


There seems to be some confusion amongst members as to what is the correct procedure regarding gate security.

We are in a rural location and as such members can potentially be quite vulnerable if they are on the site alone.

Below are some simple rules you must follow to ensure your personal and site security

  • We appreciate that at busy times it is not necessary to keep opening and closing the gate every five minutes,  but if only one plotholder is present the gate must be kept locked.
  • When two or more plotholders are present it is ok to leave the gate open until such time as only one member remains.
  • Always scramble the code after locking the gate. Do not leave the correct combination showing, even when the gate is unlocked.
  • As a courtesy, if you are leaving and only one plotholder remains, please inform them that you are leaving and will be locking the gate. It could be the case that they are leaving shortly themselves and are happy to have the gate left open for a few minutes.
  • We are aware that people and vehicles have on occasion entered the site without authorisation. If you see an unfamiliar face, please ask if you can help them. More often than not they are only curious or are seeking information.
  • Do not be confrontational. If you suspect someone is up to no good make a note of their vehicle registration number and report it to a Committee member.
  • Above all keep safe and enjoy your time on the site.

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