July’s Musings

Nick CoulterDerek

While conducting the plot inspections last weekend I was really impressed by the overall standard.

Considering that no plot on the site has been worked for more than 20 months, it is quite staggering what has been achieved in such a short period of time.

To those of you just starting out it must seem quite a daunting undertaking at first but by careful planning, dedication and sheer hard work you will get there.

Of course it is not all good news and it is clear that some members are not reaching the required standard and eviction is a distinct possibility for some.

In lieu of the fact that the Leeds & District Allotment Gardeners Federation are not having a ‘Best Plot’ competition this year we decided to have one ourselves.

I’m delighted to announce that Miriam Ward’s Plot 6 has been awarded ‘Best Plot for 2018’ and she will receive a £25 gift voucher and certificate.

She has worked hard to create a plot that is both productive, attractive and a marvellous example to us all. Well done Miriam.


2 thoughts on “July’s Musings”

  1. I’m delighted and more than a little overwhelmed – thank you so much to the judges for this compliment. I’ve got a reputation to live up to now, so had better get it looking like a show plot!


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