Po-Taters Quiz

Mr Potatoe head
Think you know a bit about spuds? Well here’s your chance to test that knowledge in our truly dreadful festive quiz.

Q: What kind of potato starts arguments?
A: An agi-tater.

Q: Who is the most powerful potato in the galaxy?
A: Darth Tater.

Q: Why aren’t potatoes able to get out and work?
A: Because they’re couch potatoes

Q: What do football players call their potato fans?
A: Speck Tators.

Q: Who was the potato’s favourite author?
A: Edgar Allen Poe-tato.

Q: Why did the football loving potato want to be when he grew up?
A: A sports commen-tater.

Q: Why was the potato so quiet?
A: It was a medi-tator.

Q: What do you call a potato who is slow to act?
A: A Hezzi – tater.

Q: What did the philosophical sweet potato claim?
A: I’m pink therefore I yam.

Q:What do you get if you divide the circumference of a yam by its diameter?Sweet A: A: potato pi

Don’t blame me it was our Chairman’s idea.

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