Say hello to Bibio marci

BibioMarciiYou can’t have failed to notice the large number of rather odd looking flies that seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Well this is the harmless Hawthorn Fly or Bibio Marci to give it its Latin name.

It is a very common, long, shiny, black fly that can be found in large numbers during the spring around woodland edges, fields and wetlands.

It hangs in the air over the vegetation, drifting along with its legs dangling underneath it. Hawthorn Flies will often land on any objects in their way, including fence posts and people, and are rather sluggish at rest.

The larvae live in the soil feeding on roots, grasses and rotting vegetation, and are often found around compost heaps. The adults feed on nectar and are considered to be important pollinators for fruit trees and other plants.

So there you have it.

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