The Darkest Days That Pays Dividends

Derek has been reading a book by Pete Lawrence called The Allotment Cookbook which illustrates what and when to sow and recipes based on seasonal harvesting. There are a number of quite profound points he makes.

Growing veg is the antithesis of stress.

Supermarket veg has enough air miles to qualify for entry to the VIP lounge or grown under such controlled conditions that it lacks soul or flavour.

It takes commitment to brave November winds or February frosts. However, it is such solitary work done on the darkest of days that pays dividends in the long term.

The truth is that spring, summer and early autumn are the times to harvest and enjoy. The real work absolutely must be done in the “invisible” months of late autumn and winter.

Try growing something from seed; nurture; cook and eat it – for no better reason than to experience one of life’s most satisfying and fundamental pleasures.

Recipes below.

Chorizo and Broad Beans
Radish Tzatziki

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