Guidance on coping with Coronavirus

We have received the following guidance from the Leeds Allotment Federation.

Follow Government advice at all times and maintain a distance of at least two metres between you and other allotment holders. Don’t congregate in the cabin and bring hand sanitizer to use when entering and leaving the site.

Be mindful of other allotment holders who may need help if they are unable to get to the site regularly.

If you are displaying any of the symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, stay away from the site until you are clear.

If you decide to self-isolate for 12 weeks please let a Committee member know via email or text and you will not be hassled over your plot not being worked.

Please be respectful if people do not wish to engage in conversation and do not go onto anyone elses plot unless invited to do so.

This is a rapidly evolving situation so please keep yourself aware of any new guidelines and ensure yours and others safety.

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