A message from Leeds Allotments Federation

Dear member

With the recent change to the Government’s guidelines on COVID-19 you are now allowed to mix with six people, including children, from different households to spend time outdoors – including allotments and outdoor spaces.

It should be noted that allotments are not public spaces.

LAF recommend the following guidelines apply to allotment sites

·         Continue to remain at least 2m away from anyone outside of your household.

·         Stay Alert! Be aware of the space around you and move away if the distance becomes less than 2m.

·         Try to limit the number of people you see and keep all visits short. Allotment holders should limit the number of visitors to their plot to two additional people to the usual plot holders and not allow those visitors to wander round the site or enter other people’s plots. Ask all visitors to be aware of neighbouring plot holders who may still wish to limit their contact with other people.

·         If you (or a potential visitor) are showing any symptoms of the virus or any of your or their household are self-isolating – STAY AT HOME.

·         If a member of your group or visitor no longer wants to remain outdoors – make sure they go home and not into sheds, greenhouses, or other enclosed structures. Close, confined indoor areas give a higher risk of virus transmission.

·         Do not share any equipment: Communal areas on sites should remain closed. For those associations who have not carried out any lettings as yet, you can start to let any empty plots (if you have any!).  It is up to each association to decide if this is something they wish to do

Above all be considerate to your fellow plot holders and neighbours at this time and stay safe!

Derek Hanton
Leeds Allotments Federation (LAF)

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