Go with the flow

Although the water situation on the site has vastly improved since the borehole has been in operation, groundwater levels can and will fluctuate particularly in times of drought and over-reliance on this source will prove be dangerous at some point in the future.

Water is a vital ingredient for all plot-holders growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers but it is a precious resource and operating and maintaining the borehole, pump, pipelines and containers is not cost free.

Water from this source should be used in a sensible and considerate manner by all, which certainly does not allow for plotholders to use water from containers to fill their own water butts.

Where possible every plotholder should have water butts to harvest any rain that does fall and this should be seen as the primary water source for their plots.

The National Allotment Society has published an excellent leaflet on water use which can be downloaded here >>

4 thoughts on “Go with the flow”

    1. I think they are empty because people have been using them as a first resort rather than using water from their own butts. We even have reports of people filling up their water butts from the containers.
      It takes Wayne, Isabel et al a long time to fill all the containers so if they run out that’s why.


  1. Hi Graham, Please can you advise how a plot holder can obtain an IBC for use on their own plot. I see a nuber have recently been delivered.
    Thank you.
    David Moore plot 26


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