Sow a row to feed Leeds

Feed Leeds is a network of individuals and organisations working in partnership to support local food growing (at home, in allotments, at schools, in community projects or commercially) for its social, economic, environmental and health benefits, and to promote healthy, sustainable and affordable food in Leeds.

Most of us grow from seed and we are asking that you grow some extra seedlings for people who need a bit of help to get them started?

To help everyone Sow a Row Xtra we’re promoting the sharing of seeds, pots, trays, soil blocks etc. If you have anything useful please get in touch. 

As well as seedlings, we plan to assemble Seeds of Friendship packs with pots, compost, maybe a fork or trowel, lolly sticks – and a friendly note from one family to another. If you can help with these please get in touch!

Drop-off sites with contact details will be displayed on a new Feed Leeds map, also showing the locations of our new Little Veg Libraries (for sharing seeds, seedlings, recipes surplus harvest and maybe compost) plus other hedge veg sites across the city.

If you know a good place for a SowX drop-off, a library, or a hedge veg stall please get in touch!

For more information go to the Feed Leeds website

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