Allotment Rules

This page is where you can find out about the allotment site rules. These are the same that you signed when you became a tenant.

1 Allotment Rental

  1. The annual rental per plot shall be determined or reviewed at the Annual General Meeting of the Association on the recommendation of the Management Committee and agreement of its members.
  2. The annual allotment rental includes an amount to cover costs for things such as, but not limited to land rent, public liability insurance, affiliations to other organisations, general maintenance (e.g. skips and fence repairs), admin and promotional costs etc.
  3. When the management committee agrees to a plot being let the new plot holder will be sent a copy of the Societies’ Model Rules, the Allotment Rules and a formal Tenancy Agreement. A signed copy of the Allotment Rules and Tenancy Agreement must be returned to the Secretary or nominated Management Committee Officer.

2 Payment of Rent

  1. The rent for each allotment is paid yearly in advance on the 1st October. If the rent is not paid within 40 days of the due date (unless the Management Committee agrees in writing to the contrary) the tenancy terminates automatically.
  2. Members joining part way through a financial year will pay one twelfth for each month in the current financial year.

3 Joint Tenancy

If two or more people wish to jointly work an allotment plot each person must sign a Joint Allotment Agreement (JAA) as follows:

  1. An application for JAA must be made by the existing tenant with someone who is not otherwise the sole or joint tenant of any other allotment in the City of Leeds boundaries.
  2. A joint tenant may have their name on any allotment site waiting list but if they accept the tenancy at another allotment site they must relinquish their joint tenancy at Alwoodley.
  3. The existing plotholder shall always be nominated as the “Principal Tenant” (responsible for all payments and correspondence).
  4. If the “Principal Tenant” wishes to terminate their interest in the allotment the Joint Tenant can apply in writing to the Management Committee to become the “Principal Tenant” only if they have jointly held the plot for a period of at least two years or if they had been on the waiting list together. If not, the joint tenancy is ended and the plot must be vacated.
  5. Every joint tenant is responsible for observing and complying with the allotment rules.

4 Termination of a Tenancy of an Allotment

The tenancy of an allotment, unless subject to a joint tenancy or otherwise agreed in writing by the Management Committee, automatically terminates upon the death of the tenant – members of the family will be given time to remove growing crops.

The tenancy may be terminated by the Management Committee:-

  1. If the rent is in arrears for more than 40 days; or
  2. If any tenant (including a joint tenant) is in breach of the allotment site or council rules.

A tenant may terminate the tenancy giving the Management Committee notice in writing. (see Tenancy Agreement).

5 Service of Notice

Any notice from the Management Committee will be served on a tenant personally or by leaving it at his last known postal address or by fixing it conspicuously at the allotment. Any notice from a tenant to the Management Committee is served by delivering or posting it to the secretary at the following address:- Alwoodley Allotment Society Ltd, c/o Alwoodley Parish Council, Alwoodley Community Centre, 60 The Avenue, Leeds LS17 7NZ.

6 General Conditions Under which Allotments are to be Cultivated

In addition to the council rules the society has agreed to adopt a number of local rules, intended to ensure that the site is cultivated for the benefit of all plot holders.

Every tenant of an allotment must comply with the following conditions:-

  1. To keep the allotment clean, free from weeds and cultivated with compost or recognised soil improver and maintain it in a good state of cultivation and fertility.
  2. Not to keep on the allotment any carpet or other covering (other than recognised weed suppressant membranes) or any dangerous, harmful, polluting or contaminating substances.
  3. At least 60% of the plot is to be used for the production of edible crops; 40% may be used for other horticultural leisure purposes (lawn, flower beds etc.). Children’s swings, paddling pools, or similar are not permitted.
  4. A tenant can only take out a Tenancy Agreement on either a 125 square metre plot or a 62.5 square metre plot. The Tenant must cultivate the whole of the allotment personally and cannot sub-let, assign or exchange any part of it.
  5. Alwoodley Allotment Society will not be responsible for any personal tools left on the allotment site
  6. To abide by all the rules and leases under which the Alwoodley Allotment Society Ltd and Alwoodley Parish Council holds the land.
  7. Any vehicles brought onto the site are at the owners own risk and must be parked in the designated parking area and not by the individual’s plot. Members must lock the site gates on entering and exiting the site. A member will be given the combination lock numbers after signing the tenancy agreement. This must not be passed onto anyone else.
  8. The following will constitute a serious breach of this agreement on the part of the tenant and will result in one months notice to terminate the tenancy:-
    1. Causing an on-going nuisance to other plotholders or any neighbours or to cause a permanent obstruction or encroaching upon any path set out for the use of the occupiers of the allotments.
    2. Carrying on any trade or business from the plot / site.
    3. Growing on the allotment any trees which produce non-edible fruit.
    4. Selling or carrying away any turf, mineral, gravel or clay, without written consent of the Management Committee.
  9. Dogs are permitted to accompany plot holders on the allotment site but owners must act responsibly. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and owners must ensure they stay within their own plot. The dogs must be under control at all times. Any fouling must be cleared up immediately.
  10. No structures are allowed on the site as laid down in the Lease Agreement with Alwoodley Parish Council and conditions specified in the Leeds City Council Planning Approval Document.
  11. Fencing: Before building a fence around the plot can begin the management committee will measure out the plot to confirm the boundary. It will then be the plot holder’s responsibility to maintain the boundary by strimming off the grass which can no longer be reached by the mower. The use of barbed wire or any other fencing material that may cause injury is prohibited. Fence posts and similar supports must not be concreted into the ground and fence heights should be no greater that 1.2 metres.
  12. A tenant cannot plant any fruit trees or shrubs so as to overhang or interfere with any other allotment or any path or roadway on the allotment land. 
  13. The keeping of any livestock on the site is not permitted.
  14. No horticultural chemicals are to be stored on-site.
  15. Fires are not permitted on a site, all unrecyclable waste materials must be disposed offsite.
  16. The Tenant is responsible for reporting damaged or missing plot identification boards
  17. Not to construct a pond, bury a tub, tank or bath below ground level and not to construct or keep a container, tub or tank containing water above ground level which may be a hazard to any person.
  18. Not to deposit or permit to remain on the allotment any refuse or decaying matter (except manure and compost as may be reasonably required for use in cultivation) or place any such matter in hedges, ditches or dykes on or adjoining the allotment. Dead animals are not to buried on allotment plots
  19. Children must be supervised at all times and not allowed to stray onto other tenants plots.
  20. Guests are allowed on site and are subject to the same rules as members. Visitors must sign the visitor log

Expected Cultivation Standards throughout the Year

Early SeasonMain SeasonLate Season
Signs of work & cultivation
clearly evident
Plot is being actively
Plot has been in productive
use during the season
Storage is well managed and
safe and within the plot
Weeds are few and not likely
to cause problems for other
plot holders
Evidence of clearing and
cleaning empty beds
Plot clearance and rubbish
disposal is being managed
Paths and edges are
maintained but not eroded
Preparation for winter –
clearing, tidying, mulching,
manuring etc

7 Plot Inspections

Tenants are expected to keep their plots cultivated as per the above standards. The management committee will routinely inspect all plots. If a plot is found not to be cultivated to the committee’s satisfaction a written warning will be sent to the tenant. If a follow-up inspection shows that the tenant is still not cultivating the plot the committee will presume that the plot is available to let to someone else. An Eviction Letter will be issued by the committee, the tenants lease will be terminated and the tenant will be given 30 days to remove their belongings from the site. If rubbish is left on the plot the committee will charge any removal cost to the tenant.

Authorised Officers of the Leeds City Council or Alwoodley Parish Council shall be entitled at any time to enter and inspect the allotment.



In the interest of amenity and preserving the Green Belt nature of the site Tenants are NOT allowed to have any structures including greenhouses, sheds or tool stores on their plots.

  1. Planning permission has been granted for a communal rest unit, communal tool lock-up unit, and an environmental toilet with disabled access.
  2. The Parish Council and Alwoodley Allotment Society Ltd shall not be liable for any damage occasioned to the structure nor for the loss of or damage to any tools or other property placed in the same by the Tenant or any other person.
  3. Fruit cages and cloches are allowed for the purpose of growing soft fruit and veg only. This structure shall be kept by the Tenant at all times in a clean, safe and tidy condition.
  4. The Tenant shall not use the Site Tool Storage Unit. The Rest Unit may only be used to provide shelter from adverse weather, as a rest area where members and guests can have a drink and a snack, as a lecture room and site office. The Rest Area is not to be used to store plants, equipment, materials or produce.
  5. The Tenant shall pay and discharge all charges or fees and other outgoings which may become payable in respect of removing any structure which is not permitted as per the Lease agreement with APC and LCC.
  6. Tenants are responsible for removing their own rubbish.
  7. The communal buildings and the communal area are strictly non-smoking areas.

Revised :27/3/2016

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