Tweet us your progress pics

As the nights draw in and the mercury drops, eager allotmenteers are busily digging, rotavating and preparing for a season of growth next year, hopeful of a season of sun and warmth. And we’d love to see the progress you make with each bed built, trench dug and compost bin hastily assembled from pallets. It’s easy enough to do, just tweet us @AlwoodleyAllot attaching your picture and by the power of the internets it will magically appear in the side bar. Or, if the idea of twitter sends you into palpitations and hot sweats, post your pics to our Facebook page and we can assemble a gallery. See you this weekend!



We need you!

Hi! After 6 long years we are finally open – and we need you! There are empty half-plots (10m x 12.5m approx.) available for £48 per year. As of today there are around 30 remaining, but they’ll be filling up fast so don’t delay. If you’re interested and live in Alwoodley look no further! Direct your enquiries to


EGM Thursday 22nd September 2016

Place: Moortown Social Club

Time: 8 pm

* We will provide you with a full update and give you plenty of time to ask questions.

* We all need to pay the annual subs. This is due on the 1st October and must be paid in full by the end of October or the plot will be re-let. The fee is £48. However, for those people that have already paid the interim amount of £8 the annual subs for this year only will be reduced to £40. For everyone else it will be £48. We will accept cash and cheque. Cheques should be made payable to Alwoodley Allotment Society Ltd.

* In the email you will find some relevant documentation relating the the allotments but please can you print off the joining form (whether joint or single tenancy) and bring with you to the meeting with your payment. There will not be any spare copies of the forms at the meeting.

* Once the good people of Alwoodley become aware that there is an allotment in a beautiful location with spare places we expect to be inundated with requests to join.

 * We will also be arranging a site visit for the following weekend which will be a great chance to get to know each other, and will include an optional shrub planting session (for all those willing to do some digging!). These details will be confirmed at the meeting.


We hope to see you all for this important meeting on the 22nd (don’t forget your forms and payment).