July’s Musings

Summer tasks! Watering is among the most important of all summer allotment activities and  after watering comes feeding. 

In dry periods, plants soon suffer.  There are some exceptions, so I suggest you read up on your fruit and vegetables. 

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Strawberry gin

Last month we showed how to use up some of the rhubarb on your plot by using it to make delicious rhubarb gin.

This month it’s the strawberries that get our attention and here’s how to make a really refreshing drink that captures the very taste of summer.

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Potato blight warning

Potato blight

The recent warm temperatures and high humidity have been ideal for the spread of potato blight, a fungus-like organism that spreads rapidly in the foliage and tubers of  potatoes and tomatoes.

It is quite likely that we may already be seeing outbreaks of the disease on our crops and if identified, action should be taken immediately to prevent the disease reaching the potato tubers.

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The Soil is Alive

A fascinating insight into the importance of soil in all our lives comes from the Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardin Familiaux.

It takes 300 to 1,000 years to produce one inch of soil and more than 90 percent of global food production depends directly on the soil.

You can download the full booklet in PDF format from the Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardin Familiaux.

June’s Musings

A warm welcome to June, summer is really here and there is plenty to keep you occupied, such as weeding and mowing.

But it is a time of year when you can really begin to enjoy your allotment plot, when the hots spells and sunny days outweigh the dull ones.

Our next committee meeting is scheduled for the 7th June and if you have any thoughts or questions you would like them to consider, then email us at thecommittee@alwoodleygrowers.org.uk

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