May’s Musings

May’s Musings

In these extremely trying times, it is fortunate that we are allowed to go to the allotment.

The National Allotment Society (NAS) have been updating their ‘Covid 19 Emergency Measures’, almost on a daily basis since the lockdown began. 

Join us on Facebook and WhatsApp to socialise and visit this blog regularly to keep up with the latest news.  Derek’s recent Yorkshire quiz proved to be both testing and enjoyable.

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Latest NAS covid-19 guidance update

Here are a few excerpts from the latest National Allotment Society guidance on covid-19 guidance.

What changes should Allotment Associations make to site management?

Pin up information about social distancing and hygiene on a notice board or the gate.

Undertake risk assessments and take appropriate action to reduce hazards around any areas of the site that could cause contagion e.g. communal water troughs, taps, and gate locks. 

The NAS does have further detailed information on risk assessments and the duty of care for Self-Managed Associations please email  if this is required.

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Friend not foe

I’ve noticed a larger than normal number of ladybirds on the allotment recently, possibly as a result of the mild winter allowing more to survive.

As a result of this and ladybirds doing what ladybirds do, it follows that there will also be more ladybird larvae about and these should not be mistaken for pests.

Both adults and their offspring are voracious predators of aphids and other pests and should be viewed as the good guys not the enemy.

Sheffield study highlights impact of home-grown food

MYHarvest (Measure Your Harvest) is an exciting research project being carried out at the University of Sheffield that will estimate the contribution people who grow their own fruit and vegetable crops are making to UK national food production.

At present, there is a recognition that own-growing in the UK makes a really important contribution to food security, healthy diets and general well-being, but we currently have a poor understanding of how much own-grown food people are able to produce.

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Working Parties

Due to the social distancing rules the government has imposed, all working parties have been suspended until further notice.  This impacts in particular, the water distribution system we were going to build and connect to the borehole. Wayne has been test pumping and all seems fine with a good supply of water available once work gets underway in earnest.

Many of the communal tanks around the site do contain a good amount of rainwater collected over the winter, but please use this sensibly.

We are looking to offer IBC containers to plotholders to put on their plots. The likely cost of these will be around £50. Responsibility for filling these will lie with individual plotholders who will need install suitable rain collection systems or bring water on site in containers.