Give no dig a try

Stephanie Hafferty

We have welcomed quite a few new members over the past few months and it is clear that some are feeling quite daunted by the amount of work involved in getting a new plot into shape.

But it doesn’t have to be all backbreaking toil with very little to show for your efforts in the short term.

To those of you finding it all a bit disheartening don’t give up, give ‘no-dig’ a try.

To find out what’s involved you can find expert help and advice from Stephanie Hafferty, an organic no dig kitchen gardener, plant based cook, award winning author, food and gardening writer, small scale homesteader and mum of three.

You can visit her blog here >> or by clicking the link under ‘Blogs we like’ in the right hand column.

Do you use peat-free compost?

You may have seen compost labelled as peat-free, but if you aren’t aware what peat is, and importantly, where it comes from, you wouldn’t understand why it is so important to choose a peat-free product.

You also probably wouldn’t know that if a compost is not labelled as peat-free, then it likely comprises between 60-90% peat.

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RHS Chatsworth Flower Show

Chatsworth flower show

Following hard on the heels of last week’s Chelsea Flower Show comes another RHS event that’s a little close to home and may I suggest, a little more affordable.

Chatsworth Flower show runs from June 6th to June 9th and you can still get advanced tickets at reduced prices.

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Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb

Rhubarb Gin

Looking round the allotment site there seems to be a real glut of rhubarb at the moment. When you gets past the point where you’ve eaten enough of it stewed, crumbled and in pies, why not drink it?

Use seasonal rhubarb to make a G&T with a difference, or top with soda water for a refreshing summertime drink in glorious pink.

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