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Horse Manure

Diana Hector has arranged free horse manure collection from our neighbours Hope Pastures Horse Sanctuary on Sunday August 11th from 10.50 onwards.

You will need to transport it from Hope Pastures yourself so you’ll need to transport it back to your plot.

We will have to manoeuvre our wheelbarrows under the fence so try and avoid bringing a deep barrow if possible.

In addition to collecting manure for yourself. why not get extra for others who are unable to attend?

There will be a mixture of fresh manure which can be can be used in earthing up or for enriching your rotting compost and some that will be quite old and already semi rotted.

One thought on “Lovely stuff”

  1. lovely Graham, very juicy post. Believe or not some people have told me they think we are going to hope pastures and do not realise it id only next door! Possibly needed to make that clearer on my poster as well. The time I will meet people is 11 am but the volunteers will be staying for a couple of hours so late comers will be catered for. Diana



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